I just saw a post over at the Hive mentioning that the Windows Vista Ultimate site posted some new desktop backgrounds freely available to everyone. The two new backgrounds are definitely the best ones that I have seen for Vista up to now, and should have undoubtedly been included with the operating system:

Vista Wallpaper

Vista Wallpaper

What really impressed me is that they offer both widescreen and standard wallpapers so that it will work for nearly any resolution. They even have a version of each that goes up to a resolution of 2560×1600 for those of you with a 30” monitor!

If you’re looking for something a little less subtle then check out this site that one of our readers submitted. There you’ll find wallpapers for some of the best nature photos, ranging from waterfalls all the way to lightning storms. Many of these rank up there with the backgrounds that we mentioned last week that somehow didn’t make it into Vista, but I guess they can only include so many wallpapers.

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  1. Sorry, but I’m sticking to my Jack in the Box montage!
    (it’s the pic on the left)

    I love Jack in the Box. I’m so brand loyal… Jack in the box wallpaper, Yahoo! screen saver, Zune desktop theme :)

    The Y! screen saver is at Y! Yodel, a site which although part of the ___.yahoo.com family, is mentioned nowhere on any other Yahoo! sites!?
    (it’s the flashing Y!’s in bubbles on the top left)

  2. Wow, you sound like the type of person who has bumper stickers all over their car, too. :)

  3. Did you see the “cleaned-up” versions Windows blogger Long Zheng posted?


    They really pop now!

  4. I didn’t see those, but it doesn’t look like anything is different other than the “Ultimate” being removed. I know he says that he did more but I can’t tell a difference.

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