More Ways Emerge To Make XP Look Like Vista

Gizmodo put together a guide that shows people what they can do to make their Windows XP machine look like Windows Vista. The main software that they mention is Style XP which skins Windows XP to look like Vista. You don’t want to forget to grab TopDesk because that is the ULTIMATE Alt-Tab replacement and does a great job of simulating Vista’s new Flip-3D feature.

There is also the Vista Transformation Pack 4 available for those people looking for an all-in-one package that will transform your XP machine. A lot of people have commented on the software so make sure to read through them to see if it is right for you. More than 50,000 people have downloaded it from CyberNet.

Lastly, there is always WindowBlinds. I personally think that this software does the best job and the transparency effects are the best. Also, if you are looking for a skin for WindowBlinds that looks like Vista then Jemaho has the skin for you! It is absolutely amazing…in fact, it is so good that Microsoft has forced him to remove the skin before. He posted this new version just about 10 days ago so make sure you get it before Microsoft makes him remove this one, too! I guess Microsoft thought the skin was a little too close for comfort.