Last week we saw a revamped version of Paint in the third Windows 7 milestone. At the time there weren’t any other screenshots available, but it looks as though someone who got their hands on Windows 7 M3 has decided to post some screenshots showing off more of the enhancements.

Here are six of their screenshots of the new calculator, WordPad, Paint, slightly reorganized Windows Explorer Sidebar, better theme selection, and a different display management window:

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windows 7 calculator.png windows 7 wordpad.png windows 7 paint.png windows 7 explorer.png windows 7 themes.png windows 7 display.png

I’m actually happy to see that Microsoft is polishing up the operating system, and look forward to some of the future enhancements they’ll be adding to the operating system. Unfortunately we don’t know what the under-the-hood improvements are like yet.