Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal released his review of Apple’s Leopard operating system which is set to launch on Friday evening. His verdict? Leopard is both faster and easier to use than Vista. He was able to test it on two different computers – a MacBook Pro Laptop with Leopard pre-installed (provided by Apple), and then on his own iMac Desktop in which he made the upgrade to Leopard. While he says that it may be faster and easier, he called Leopard “Evolutionary,” not “Revolutionary” meaning that the features aren’t breath-taking nor earth-shattering.With Apple listing over 300 “new” features with this operating system, there are only a handful of “core” new things.

Among those new core features are Time Machine, Quick Look, and Cover Flow. Mossberg calls Time Machine the “Sexiest thing” about Leopard saying it’s the simplest way to backup your computer with no additional work required. It’s automatic and just works in the background backing up everything without the user needing to do anything. Quick Look allows you to see what’s in a file without ever needing to launch the program.  For example, if you’ve got a Microsoft Word document saved and you’re wanting to know what’s in it, just press the spacebar.  Once you do this, you’ll get a preview of the file and it’ll be large enough where you can read it and look through the pages. Cover Flow isn’t exactly new to Apple, but it’s new to the Mac operating system.  If you use iTunes, you’ll know what Cover Flow is — it’s the graphical display that allows you to see and flip through album covers. With Leopard, it will work similarly.


From Apple’s recent financial report, we know that they’ve seen an increase in the sales of Mac computers. With the bad rap Vista has been getting lately, the ease of use that Mossberg talks about with Leopard just might help push Mac sales even further, especially because Boot Camp (allows Macs to run Windows) is now built right in. For those who want to experience Leopard but for whatever reason (work?) can’t completely ditch Windows, it can’t get any easier for them to use both.

The bottom line though, says Mossberg, is that while not revolutionary, Leopard is an advance and it does make Mac better and easier to use. (Just as a side note- had Microsoft come out with an OS that was just evolutionary, they would have been criticized to no end). While Apple’s share of the market is still rather small, they’ve got room to grow. With the momentum that they currently have going with the iPhone and the new line-up of iPods, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least it we see their share of the market increase with the launch of Leopard.

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Now, just for fun – Roughly Drafted Magazine has put together a list of what you expected vs what you got – Windows Vista vs Mac OS X Leopard. Here’s a quick sampling:

What you expected:

what you expected

What you got:

what you got

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