I’ve owned a Logitech MX Revolution mouse for over a year now, and I use it with my laptop all of the time. One thing that has always bugged me, however, was that every time I restart my computer the mouse pointer speed (located in the Mouse properties in the Control Panel) is reset back to it’s default settings. The Touchpad mouse on my laptop moves extremely slow when the default settings are enabled, so I always have to change them to make the Touchpad usable.

I normally don’t restart my computer that often (once or twice a week maybe) so I never thought to investigate the issue further. Last weekend, however, I had some spare time so I actually decided to see if I could get it fixed. I knew the SetPoint software was to blame because the issue only occurred after I installed it, and when I went to look at the startup entries I noticed Logitech conveniently had two different items:

KHALMNPR Windows Defender
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A little research turned up that the KHALMNPR.EXE startup item is used to “change [mouse] sensitivity on a per program level using [Logitech’s] profile manager inside SetPoint.” Well, my problem is in regards to the mouse sensitivity so I decided to click the Remove button in Windows Defender. After restarting the issue was gone!

If you’re a Logitech SetPoint user that is suffering from the same issue it is easy to fix. Here are some quick instructions for using either Windows Defender or MSConfig to make the change:

  • If you have Windows Defender installed go to Tools -> Software Explorer and then find the Logitech entry that points to the KHALMNPR.EXE file. Click the Remove button.
  • To use MSConfig press the Windows Key + R to get the Run dialog. In the box type msconfig and press Enter. Click the Startup tab and find the KHALMNPR.EXE entry, and uncheck the box next to it.

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In terms of missing features I haven’t noticed any. I can still do everything that I did previously with my mouse, but now my pointer speed remains the same when I restart my computer!