Movable TypeEarlier today Six Apart launched the 4th edition of their popular blogging software called Movable Type. Many of the bloggers I know are using WordPress, but there are several big ones such as Boing Boing, Read/Write Web, and Treehugger that all use Movable Type.

It currently isn’t open source like WordPress is, but an open source version is in the works for later this year. If you’re just using it for a personal blog then you are free to download it, but commercial blogs will have to fork out some money if they want to use this.

There’s quite a few things that are new in Movable Type 4, but here’s a shorter list of the more notable things:

  • Administer multiple blogs, and create pages that aggregate posts from all or some of the blogs.
  • Create standalone pages for powerful content management
  • Built-In Asset and File Management
  • Simpler Installation
  • Easy-to-use, extensible interface
  • Templates are more customizable
  • Customizable Roles
  • Use RSS feeds to manage comments and feedback, approve draft entries for publishing, keep track of site registrations — anything you can imagine.

A demo site has been setup for people to play around with Movable Type 4. Here is the information needed if you want to try that out:

Screenshots of Movable Type 4 in-action:

Movable Type 4