Move programs to another drive

Many computers these days are shipping with SSDs to improve the overall performance of the machines, but as a compromise we have to give up some of the storage space we’ve grown accustomed to having. To try and get around this issue many power users try to have two drives: one SSD for heavily used files and programs and an HDD for everything else since it likely has a lot of storage.

That’s exactly what one Steam user had set up, and he noticed that he couldn’t keep all the games on his SSD, but there wasn’t really an option to store them on another drive. So he came up with the Steam Mover which works for games and programs alike. Using junction points it moves an entire folder from one drive to another while keeping the links intact. That means the program still sees the files in the original location despite being located on another drive.

There have been other apps that have done something similar, but what makes this so cool is that you can easily move the files back and forth between drives with little work. If you play Steam games like this guy does then you’ll be able to keep the game you’re currently playing on the SSD while all the others remain on the HDD. That way you get the best of both worlds.

Steam Mover Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)