Firefox - Red Panda In a previous post I mentioned how I have now moved on to Firefox 3 trunk builds just because I like to use the bleeding edge of web browsers. According to Mozilla’s latest meeting notes we may be seeing the release of Firefox 3 Alpha 1 as soon as the end of November (around the 28th or 29th).

By that time the latest reflow will be merged with the trunk and we will have an Acid 2 compliant browser! Thanks to natmaster for pointing that out in my last post regarding Firefox 3. He also provided a download link for those people who wanted to try out the latest reflow build to see it pass the Acid 2 test. At this point there are a few bugs on the reflow branch that need to be fixed before it can be merged with the trunk but hopefully it won’t be too much longer. :D

While it is exciting to see another milestone for Firefox coming up so quick after Firefox 2 was released, I have my doubts that they will be able to push an Alpha build out by the end of November. I would expect to see it more towards the middle/end of December and if the release date changes I will update our calendar accordingly. Either way I’ll continue testing the pre-Alpha version and when I see the reflow build merge with the trunk I’ll be sure to let everyone know.