Mozilla Search RevenueMozilla was rolling in the green last year when they announced their 2005 revenue of $52.9 million, but in 2006 they were up 26%! Yep, their 2006 revenue totaled more than $66.8 million. As Larry Dignan points out Mozilla gets over 85% of it’s revenue from Google.

Expenses? Yes, there were definitely some of those. In fact they totaled $19.7 million! Mozilla’s 90 employees, not surprisingly, were the biggest expense consuming roughly 70% of the money the corporation spent (that’s almost $14 million). In case you’re wondering, that equates to an average salary of $153,000 for each of their employees.

Mozilla was able to pocket a lot of the money which is good for future development. Mitchell Baker, Mozilla’s CEO, said thatin 2007 we expect our expenses to be significantly higher as we have continued to hire and fund more people and develop additional programs.” There’s no doubt that the expenses will be higher for 2007 since they broke Thunderbird off into its own organization, and gave it $3 million in seed money.

It’s hard to believe that back in 2003 Mozilla’s revenue was just $2.4 million and in 2004 it was $5.8 million. They have definitely come a long ways! Congratulations to the team as I’m sure they will be busting out the bubbly tonight.