Mozilla Changes Search Box In Firefox 2.0 It looks like Mozilla is making small changes to prepare for the upcoming Visual Refresh in Firefox 2. The image on the side shows that Mozilla removed the drop-down list from the magnifying glass and put it on the icon instead. If you click on the magnifying glass without entering in any text it will simply take you to the search engine’s homepage. If you look at the Visual Refresh image you can notice that this is the way they had planned to do it:

Visual Refresh Search Box

I actually prefer having the drop-down list of available search engines on the magnifying glass but I am sure Mozilla knows what they are doing. The only thing I wish they did was make it easy to temporarily select a search engine. I always want Google to be my default search engine but sometimes I want to do one search somewhere else. My preference would be that if a user Ctrl-clicks on a search engine then it will reset itself to the default once the search has been completed. Just a thought though.