Mozilla Firefox Available For DownloadThe Firefox has not been officially released yet but they have all of the files available on their FTP. All of the links that need to be ready for the release have been made available and now it is just a matter of them updating the Firefox homepage. Here are the available downloads for the English version:

The release notes have also been posted which states that this release fixes some stability and security issues. If you are currently running Firefox you shouldn’t have to worry about downloading the new version because it will eventually update itself over the next few days.

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  1. I love how much this site follows Firefox and Mozilla in general. It’s where I get all my Mozilla news, keep it up!!!

  2. I guess the next question then is when are you coming out with a portable Firefox and then when does Thunderbird come out with :o)

  3. Thunderbird should be shortly following Firefox and I will probably put together a Portable version of later tonight.


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