Firefox Mozilla just released Firefox but it apparently does not have the built-in upgrader for users switching to Firefox 2 (I tried to do an update after the upgrade and it said no updates were available). I was expecting Mozilla to place that feature in this release so that people would be prompted to complete the upgrade to the new Firefox but they apparently decided not to do it. It is still very easy for people to upgrade because they just have to download Firefox 2 and install it. The installation process will automatically upgrade your current installation without any problems but it does take a few extra steps compared to Firefox doing it all for you.

Firefox also has some security fixes integrated and Mozilla will continue to release security updates until April 24, 2007 for the Firefox 1.5 branch. They do recommend that you upgrade to Firefox 2 for the best security though.

If you would like to download Firefox you can go here or just use this downloader:

I do wish that people would be prompted to upgrade to Firefox 2 just because there are a lot of people I know who never go check for updates themselves. If they see that an update is available without having to go download and install it then they would definitely be more willing to go through with it. Maybe they just haven’t initiated the major upgrades?