Mozilla Firefox 2 Alpha 1 Available For Download

While browsing the Tinderbox Builds on the Mozilla FTP server I found that they placed Firefox 2 Alpha 1 on there. A Tinderbox Build means that it may not be what gets released, but often it is. This was just placed on there today which makes sense because the code lockdown was last night.

If you decide that you don’t want to try this Tinderbox Build then you can wait until Tuesday when the official Firefox 2 Alpha 1 will get released. There may or may not be some slight changes from the version that was released today and the version that will be released on Tuesday.

For those that are going to give this a whirl there is one thing that you definitely need to keep in mind and that is most of your extensions will not be compatible with this release!

I haven’t had much time to play around with it yet because I wanted to make sure I got these links posted so that other people can start to use it.

Here are the various TINDERBOX direct download links:
Windows EXE – firefox-2.0a1.en-US.win32.installer.exe
Windows ZIP –
Mac – firefox-2.0a1.en-US.mac.dmg
Linux – firefox-2.0a1.en-US.linux-i686.installer.tar.gz
Linux – firefox-2.0a1.en-US.linux-i686.tar.gz

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  1. Nice, indeed nice.
    Using it right now :D

  2. For those people that are giving this build a try please post what extensions work and don’t work. This will be some good information for people who don’t want to try it because of extension incompatibility. Thanks!


  3. same gui? i’m feeling extra lazy 2day :-(

  4. Unfortunately the gui did not get the major overhaul that everyone was anticipating. Hopefully in the next release it will be there.


  5. Also, I tried to alter Tab Mix Plus to work with Firefox 2.0, and let’s just say that they do not play nice together!


  6. @Ryan: Devlopers will not want to alter any of their exensions for an alpha because of it’s alpha – as soon as they make a working extension, another Alpha will be out, and they’ll be back to square one. Take it that ALL extensions are incompatible unless explicitly told otherwise.

  7. Can this alpha version be installed side by side to 1.5?
    So you can start either of them depending on what you want to do.

  8. No, alpha 1 is NOT released. A change in the filename does NOT mean the build is released or is even anywhere near being released. Unless you read an official announcement saying it’s released, don’t assume you know what you’re talking about!

  9. GUI ? Feh! It shall be faaaast! if i want a bloaty GUI id switch to some custom browser. =P

  10. I wonder how Mozilla’s definition of alpha compares with Microsoft’s? ;-)

  11. Ryan: I’m not going to try it myself (auto-updating is broken on mozilla1.8 and mozilla1.8.0 branch nightlies and I don’t feel like downloading a whole build right now), but Tab Mix Plus dev. builds are supposed to work: []

  12. David Aznar Reguero

    Just the same critical bugs as the previous version.

    Nothing to see here, move along.

  13. I’m hungry

  14. For those tested/ing: have they made any improvements to Firefox’s hunger for RAM? That’s my one and only complaint with the browser…

  15. Scratch that. This is not a new release. See here: []

  16. I’m hungry too

  17. The Web Developer Toolbar doesn’t work on this version. When it does, I’ll switch.

  18. Look, it isn’t rocket science. Most extensions will not work, do not try and get them to work.

    This is Alpha, so NOBODY should be “switching ” to it.

    Stop complaining about extensions not working.

  19. mmmmm, me too. Lets go get some food.

  20. If you want to test this build without installing it and screwing up your main Firefox profile then see here for details:



  21. Look, it isn’t rocket science. Most extensions will not work, do not try and get them to work.

    Actually, the only major thing that has changed since 1.5 is a new bookmarks system. The new rendering engine probably will not affect extensions.

  22. THIS IS NOT ALPHA! This is a frikkin’ tinderbox build, nowhere near alpha.

  23. Ryan ..Please please stop linking to the hourly Tinderbox as you are doing much more harm than good for Firefox users.

    If you must link to nightly builds please link to

  24. I looked at the article and I think the comment that refered to here was a little harsh. It is not like I am trying to hide the fact that this is a TinderBox build…in fact I mention it in the first paragraph of this article. I am just letting people know it is out there for those who are too impatient to wait until tomorrow like I was.


  25. []

    If you follow the link above I have made a comment explaining my reasoning behind my posts. It should be no shocking news but I felt there was a misunderstanding behind why I have been posting Tinderbox builds.


  26. Not sure who started it or why people seem to link to the Tinderbox (They are not aware of what Tinberbox really is perhaps?).

    Where a number of sites have posted (linked to the tinderbox no less)and saying that the was out officially or unofficially. It has kind of gotten out of hand with casual/new Firefox users now thinking the release come from the Tinderbox when they should stay away from the Tinderbox builds. Not so bad with as it will have very small changes between and compared to how 2.0 is coming along. There are still checkins being landed to the mozilla1.8.0 branch for example to show one reason why it is not out yet.

    Anyways.. it is not uncommon for the nightlies to be changed to the release version some weeks before the actual release with checkins being landed right up to release sometimes.

    On the versioning, the unstable Firefox Trunk has yet to have the version and name change (from 1.6a1 to 3.0a1, Deer Park Alpha to Minefield) but for example the Mozilla Thunderbird Trunk nightlies was changed from the old 1.6a1 versioning to 3.0a1 recently(mid-Feb ?) and yet the actual Thunderbird 3.0 release is not due out until mid 2007 about though one could think TB 3.0a1 must be out now right? as it has yet to branch from the Trunk also.

    Anyways I feel that 2.0a1 (released officially or not) is not a build that casual/new firefox users should really be using (except in testing) if they expect extensions to work and expect it to be without problems, as some will occur due to being a work in progress with some bugs due to Placess.

  27. Ryan: Nobody cares about your reasoning. “Mozilla Firefox 2 Alpha 1 Available For Download” remains a lie or at least wrong conclusion. Period.

  28. I can’t get my bookmarks imported. Even copying them to the profile-folder doesn’t work. I’m running firefox from my usb-stick and the bookmark-file, that I want to import, is also on the usb-stick. Importing the bookmarks like that worked for all other firefox-versions.
    Thanx for giving me the opportunity to try it out :-)

  29. Ok now it is Officially out as Bon Echo 2.0a1


  30. Thanks for all the good info James! I am sure your explanation in Post# 30 is something everyone should read.


  31. Is this one is alpha? now way! i dont think so…… I am hungry for extensions like google, yahoo…

  32. You can use those extensions with the Nightly Tester Tool. More information here:


  33. Jean Malgapo Gonzales

    holy snap !!!!! it’s the fastest browser i’ve ever encountered !!!! lol !!!!

  34. Jean Malgapo Gonzales

    thanks ryan for the free download.. hee hee ;D

    oh btw,, be sure that it has no spywares or whasoever infections.. lol ;D

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