Mozilla has put the Firefox 2 RC1 files up on their FTP and their download page says that they will have all of the links up by 3PM PDT. However, with the last release of Firefox I put together the nice drop-down menu downloader and it uses the exact same links that they will be providing on that page (which means these links share the load between servers instead of linking directly to one FTP location).

Just select your language from the drop-down menu and then press the operating system button for the OS that you would like:

If you have been unaware of RC1 there have been some great visual changes going on since Firefox 2 Beta 2 was released. The navigation buttons have gotten yet another facelift and the tabs actually seem to fit in now.

There is also a portable version of the RC1 to make it a little easier to try. All you have to do is download the Firefox Portable file. Then you unzip the file and browse for the file FirefoxPortable.exe. Just execute that file and you will be running Firefox 2 RC1! The profile is kept with the FirefoxPortable folder so you don’t have to worry about messing up your other profile and the uninstallation process is simple…just delete the folder!