Firefox Logo I have full confidence in Mozilla’s ability to stay on schedule but I think a release date of next week for Firefox 3 Alpha 1 might be out of the picture. They haven’t announced anything officially right now but the time is approaching quickly and the latest nightly builds have been giving me some trouble. For instance, for the last few weeks my back button hasn’t worked on my mouse which can easily become frustrating when you’re used to clicking it so often. I know that it is a nightly build and it isn’t supposed to be perfect (nor do I expect it to be) but if they are targeting a milestone release they need to make sure it is somewhat usable for people.

Mozilla should be having a meeting later today to discuss the progress of Firefox 3 and I’m sure there will be some mention whether they will be ready to ship Alpha 1 next week. The meeting notes from last week are non existent so I’m not sure what went on there but the meeting notes for today have already been started. Hopefully more details (currently at just 5-lines) are added to the status report.

In other news Mozilla has also begun work on Firefox and is currently available as a nightly build. Next week they will be making a Release Candidate available and the expected release date is December 14th. At that time they will also be shipping Firefox as an upgrade for 1.5 users. With those releases they also hope to squash some of the bugs that currently reside in Vista:

  • Updater.exe is not signed [Link]
  • Default Application on Vista not working [Link]
  • Use new APIs in Vista to register file and protocol handlers (installer) [Link]
  • Resetting IE as the default browser after setting Firefox as the default browser breaks opening urls without IE running [Link]
  • Setting the app as the OS default is broken on Vista [Link]
  • Add default values for file handlers if they don’t have a default value [Link]
  • nsPostUpdateWin.js fails to update registry keys / log files after an update has been applied. [Link]

I can’t wait to see the improvements made for Vista in Firefox and I am crossing my fingers they will be able to fit most of them in. Mozilla has setup a lot of target release dates now lets see how close they can come to them. :D