Firefox Security Crash An anonymous tipster sent in this bug that Mozilla fixed in Firefox but it is supposed to crash your browser. It is interesting because the bug is still working and will crash your browser. I was intrigued so, like most of you probably will, I popped open the demonstration site (OPENING THAT SITE WILL MAKE YOUR BROWSER CRASH) in Firefox 2 and my browser crashed! The site, which is in the screenshot to the right, says to wait approximately 20 seconds but it took less than 5 for my browser to crash.

As Dave pointed out below you will need to have JavaScript enabled in order for this to affect you.

I haven’t tried it in Firefox but the result should still be the same since the bug also says that it is fixed in Firefox 2. The Security Advisory page for this bug says “We have seen no demonstration that these crashes could be reliably exploited, but they do show evidence of memory corruption so we presume they could be.

So how many of you will be sending the demonstration link to your friends to see how many times they will try and open it before they give up?