Mozilla Fixes 2300 Bugs In Firefox 2.0 So Far

Mozilla is reporting that there have been nearly 2300 bugs fixed for Firefox 2.0 so far in addition to the memory leaks they have fixed. They also mentioned that the release of Firefox 2 is coming up quickly so they will not be accepting any new bugs unless they block any of these features from working properly:

  • Regression/Bug in a planned 1.8.1 feature
  • Regression from 1.8
  • Security Issue
  • TopCrash
  • Memory leaks or other major performance issues
  • One of the following scheduled and understood issues:
    • Visual Refresh
    • Pref Panel
    • Spell Check
    • Tab Overflow

We have now seen most of the new features that Firefox 2.0 will have with the release of Beta 1 last week. We can, however, expect to see the Visual Refresh and the new Preferences Panel in the release of Beta 2.