Firefox Retention

Mozilla is currently taking new steps to improve upon their 50% user retention rate for Firefox. That number means that only half of the people who try Firefox actually continue to use it on a regular basis. So what’s Mozilla going to do to make that number even better? Here’s their plan:

  1. Force the Firefox icon to easier to find location
  2. Alter the default browser settings path for better user choice
  3. Major outbound brand marketing program driving brand recognition and differentiation
  4. Change Firefox icon label to closer resemble action of getting to web
    Firefox Icons
  5. Improve download page and first run pages
  6. Launch
  7. Make common plug-ins work out of the box
  8. Make add-ons and personas more accessible
  9. Stickier start page
    Firefox Frontpage
  10. Make the web feel more human
  11. Improve messaging through communication channels

Mozilla recently started a community effort to create more support documentation, and we’ve been contacted by Mozilla to see if Chris from our very own Learn Firefox could contribute some of his work to the project. We’re still trying to work out some of the terms regarding that, but Learn Firefox has everything beginners and advanced users need to know about getting started with the browser. And if you’re looking for a theme there is no better place than Learn Firefox to browse over 200 of them!

There’s no doubt that Mozilla is making some progress as they climb up to 20% of the browser market share, and hopefully by implementing some of these tactics it will increase their retention rate. In the first week of September Mozilla should also be hitting a big milestone: 400 million downloads of Firefox. They are currently close to 390 million downloads, and I’ve estimated the 400 million mark using the current download rate.

Source: Ars Technica