Firefox Logo Wow, Mozilla has placed Firefox 2 RC2 into the releases folder on the FTP and the Release Candidate download page says that they will be posting the links at 3PM PDT. It looks like they are trying to recover some lost time from previous delays by shipping this as soon as possible.

Like always the drop-down menu below will generate the exact same link that the Mozilla download page will consist of later today. This means that it uses the load balancing instead of linking directly to an FTP location.

I still believe that Mozilla will have a hard time hitting their October 24 expected release for Firefox 2 since they need to squeeze an RC3 someone in between now and then. They might be able to do it but RC3 would probably have to be released sometime in the next 10-days in order to give them enough time between the release candidate and final release to add some finishing touches. G-G-G-G-G-O-O Firefox! :)