Mozilla Add-ons

Okay, so a few days ago we reported that Mozilla had launched their new Add-on Site on the day that they scheduled it. Shortly after they posted it they were forced to remove it because of an overloaded server. I just noticed that the new site is now back up, but I’m not sure if it is for keeps.

All of the new features that I mentioned last time still stand, but now they also added a bunch of extensions to the main site. There are currently about 852 available instead of the measly 152 that were posted last time. I think all of my favorite extensions were pulled out of the Sandbox and are now on the main site, which is good to hear.

If you want to search for extensions that are in the Sandbox area then go ahead and follow the instructions that I posted on the last article. I did, however, try going to Google again to see if they fixed the broken links to existing extensions in the Sandbox. They don’t appear to have changed that as I still receive an error saying “Add-on not found” if the extension is located in the Sandbox.

According to the Mozilla Web Development blog the load on the server with the new site was too much when they updated it last time, and so they had to roll back to the old version. I’m skeptical as to whether this one will actually stick around, or whether they will have to pull it back again. They probably put it up today so that they could analyze it a little further when there isn’t as much traffic. After all, who installs Firefox extensions on a Sunday? :)

Hopefully the Mozilla Web Development team will find the good news that they are looking for!

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