Microsoft Windows Vista Firefox A few days ago big news hit that Microsoft wants to help Open Source developers, such as Mozilla, make their applications compatible with Vista. It looks like the Microsoft Open Source team had troubles contacting Mozilla through email so they decided to use the Mozilla Developer’s thread in Google Groups instead. Now we all get to see it. :)

The Open Source Software Lab Director at Microsoft, Sam Ramji, started off the message in a wonderful way:

I sent this invitation to s… as well, but in case their
spam filters are set to block email addresses, I’m
posting here.

Mike Beltzner, the User Experience Leader for Firefox, responded by saying “Heh, no such blocking exists, I assure you.” That was the more amusing part of the ‘conversation’ so let’s move on to the interesting stuff.

Beltzner then goes on to respond to the invitation that Microsoft has offered:

As Mike Schroepfer indicated, I think we’re already in discussion with
someone on your team about this, but for the record: yes, we’d
definitely be interested in getting some 1:1 support. We have, of
course, been testing on Vista, and Rob Strong has done some work with
Ed Averett to ensure that we take advantage of the new “Default
Program” infrastructure

Ah ha! The answer to the article I wrote about two weeks ago now arises. It was quite a heated topic and I was hoping that it was something Mozilla had to fix. I guess it is and hopefully I will soon be able to ‘easily’ set Firefox as my default browser in Vista.

A few other areas that Beltzner said they would like to integrate Firefox and Thunderbird into Vista:

– effects of running in the new application security mode
– interacting/integrating with InfoCard
– integration with the common RSS data store and services
– integration with the Vista calendar and address book

Hey, the more stuff that Firefox and Thunderbird are compatible with the more people that will use it, hopefully. Beltzner is a pretty cool guy and was nice enough to ask whether other open source groups that are based on Firefox, such as Flock, could get an open spot to for some help from the Microsoft product team developers.