Mozilla Sunbird And Lightning Mozilla has officially made Sunbird and Lightning 0.3 available for public consumption! For those of you who are using Outlook simply because it has a calendar and Thunderbird doesn’t you might find Lightning to be a great alternative. Not sure which of the two you should be using? Mozilla gives this information to help you choose:

You may prefer Mozilla Sunbird if…

  • you prefer your calendar to be separate from your email client
  • you don’t currently use Mozilla Thunderbird for your email
  • you don’t like adding add-ons (such as extensions or themes) to your applications

You may prefer Lightning if…

  • you send or receive meeting invitations via email
  • you already use Mozilla Thunderbird for email
  • you customize your applications with add-ons (such as extensions or themes)

This is extremely cool. The only thing I would like to see is a Google Calendar extension made to interact with it. That way I can view the calendar offline but I would also have access to a great calendar interface wherever I go.

Both Sunbird and Lightning have a strong future ahead of them and it will be interesting to see what unique features are added to help distinguish itself. Keep up the great work Mozilla!