Firefox 2 Theme

It seems like everyone has a bone to pick with Mozilla’s new Firefox 2 theme but who do you tell? Asa Dotzler posted on his blog that he wants to hear your opinion. He said “I haven’t had the time to look for opinions outside of the regular watering holes, but so far it looks like the nos are outnumbering the yeas.

I think the theme blends in well with Windows Vista because of the glossy icons, but if you use the classic Windows theme then it starts to look a little out of place. One person in the comments said that on a Mac it is not a “visual refresh”, instead it is a “visual disaster.” Another person went on to say that the Home icon looks like a refreshed Netscape 3 icon.

If you haven’t gotten around to trying out Firefox 2 Beta 2 then head on over to their download page, or you can use the portable version that I have put together.

So do you like the new theme or is this going to be something that you switch immediately after installation?