firefox 2 support-1.pngAfter yesterday’s article about Mozilla rolling out Firefox 3 update notifications it’s clear that there are still some of you who don’t intend on making the leap to Firefox 3 just yet. Maybe you’re still waiting for extensions to get updated, have problems running Firefox 3 on your computer, or just don’t want the new features it offers. Those of you tightly holding on to Firefox 2 will have to let it go by the end of the year if you want any future security and stability updates.

The Firefox 2 download page states that Mozilla is targeting mid-December as the cutoff date:

Firefox 2.0.0.x will be maintained with security and stability updates until mid-December, 2008. All users are strongly encouraged to upgrade to Firefox 3.

That means they’ll be supporting the older version of Firefox for about 6-months after the general release of Firefox 3. That’s about the same amount of time Firefox 1.5 was supported after Firefox 2 was released, and so this doesn’t really come as a surprise.

As we approach the end of the year we’ll be keeping an eye on how many of you decide to make the upgrade. As it stands about 25% of our readers have not jumped on the Firefox 3 bandwagon, but I’d predict that we can get that down to 10-15% by the end of the year.