Firefox 3 Mac 
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We’ve known about Mozilla’s plans to provide platform specific themes to users in Firefox 3, and it looks as though some glimpses of what the future holds is now in our hands. Those of you on a Mac and testing out Firefox 3 nightlies are able to install an extension dubbed as Proto for Mac OS X. Once installed you’ll be able to see all of the eye candy that’s pictured above.

Proto is an official add-on that’s currently being offered as an easy way for people to checkout the new theme. The latest version was just released today, and sports a new look for the add-ons window, revamped find bar, better downloads window, and more.

Don’t worry, they haven’t forgotten about the Linux users either. An article written last week demonstrates how the appearance of Firefox 3 is changing for Linux users:

Firefox 3 Linux 
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And then there are also supposed to be separate Windows XP and Vista themes in the works which will use the icons that we’ve already seen. It will be interesting to see just how much the two different operating systems differ from each other, but as of right now there’s no word on when they plan to have the Windows theme integrated.

There’s still no mention of the next Firefox 3 milestone, but we’ll keep our eyes open.