World Firefox Day

Back in July Mozilla announced World Firefox Day in hopes of spreading Firefox even faster. All you had to do was enter in your name, your friend’s name, and their email address in order to make it onto this “wall.” Of course your friend did also have to download and install Firefox before it was officially counted.

They have completed their project and all of the names are rotating around the Firefox logo. If you’re looking for some specific you’ll probably need to filter the results using the “Find names” box located at the top though. The best part is if you read how Mozilla worded each one, they are typically in this format:

  • Person A Set free Person B
  • Person A Loves Person B
  • Person A Informed Person B
  • Person A Liberated Person B
  • Person A Enlightened Person B
  • Person A Saved Person B
  • Person A Empowered Person B

I am glad that Mozilla lived up to their end of the deal and that they got a little creative.