MP3TunesWe reviewed the MP3Tunes online music storage service last week and it has thoroughly impressed me. They have free software available to sync your music with their servers, and the only downside was that they gave away limitless storage to just a small number of free accounts each day. They did, however, say that when you signup and get the 1GB of storage that they will do their best to upgrade your account quickly.

Well, it took just one week for me to get upgraded, and they gave me a priority code that I can share with 3 other people so that they too will have the joy of limitless music storage. The only catch is that the code must be used when signing up for the service…if you already have an account you’ll need to hold out for them to upgrade you.

So if you’re looking for an easy way to access all of your music from anywhere in the world, just drop us a comment below and we’ll send you the information needed to receive FREE unlimited storage. The first three commenters who provide an email address will receive a response from us rather quickly…enjoy!

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