Mpire3I’m all about finding a good deal on something before I buy which is why I was pretty happy to have come across Mpire, a site that helps customers make better decisions by telling them what they should be paying for something on the web. If you like saving a buck or two, you too will love Mpire.

They were founded back in 2004 and have since then made a name for themselves. More recently, they were even named as one of Time Magazines 50 Best Websites of 2007. Time called them a “shopping search engine on steroids.”

How it works

Mpire crawls retailer sites and sorts out the products that it finds based upon how popular that they are, and the price. It aggregates all of the big sites (like Target, Wal-Mart, Gap, eBay, Amazon, and many more) into one location. They’ve said that their goal is to be the Kelly Blue Book for online shopping with the data analysis that they offer for shopping sites.


Download the Browser Plug-in

They’ve made it easy for you to find the best deal possible with a shopping companion browser plug-in for Internet Explorer and Firefox. Here’s what it does: While you’re shopping online at a store, the shopping companion will alert you if the product you’re looking at is being sold for a lower price else-where. You’ll also see an interactive chart with real-time price trend graphs, and applicable coupons.

The only requirements for this browser plug-in are that you have either Firefox version 2.0, or IE7. It works on Windows XP, Linux, or OS X.

Bringing the best into one

Their service really does bring the best shopping sites together into one, however you can do more than shop. They also have a section on their site for coupons and widgets.

The coupons section will have a “Deal of the Day” that might be intriguing to you, but they also display Popular Deals which you can subscribe to via RSS. You can also search for deals which I did. I wanted to know if anybody was offering free shipping, so in the search box I searched for “free shipping.”

The result? There were 106 pages filled with different offers of free shipping from sites like eBags, Franklin Covey, HP, and

Under the coupons section, you’ll find popular deals, expiring deals, or you can even post a deal that you’ve found.


Widgets, widgets, widgets, they’re everywhere these days including Mpire. If you’re a blogger and you’re looking for a source of revenue, you may want to check-out the widgets that Mpire offers. You’ll make money through affiliate programs that they have with Amazon and eBay, and they’ll even customize a widget just for your site. Currently there are over 75 different widgets.

Mpire to the test…

I decided to put Mpire to the test, and so I did a search for a Garmin StreetPilot c340 GPS Receiver. It pulled up 25 different results. You can sort the items by price, store, and store rating. I decided to sort the price from low to high and I found that MegaGPS had it for the lowest price at $269.00.

I also had the option of clicking on the “eBay Auctions” tab so that I could view the eBay auctions. By doing this, it will display the eBay auctions that matched my search and will sort by a handful of different options like time, price, and bids.



Overall, if you’re like me and you like to find the best deal out there, give Mpire a try. And because they offer the browser plug-in, saving money is so easy and effortless.

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