Ms. Dewey

This is one of the most interesting ways to do a search that I have ever seen. Ms. Dewey is a Flash-based service that has a real person constantly interjecting comments using decent set of pre-defined responses. It is powered by Windows Live Search but believe me you won’t be using this for your primary search engine since you can only see 3 results at a time. While it is mildly entertaining to see what she does the results are nothing more than what you would receive by performing a search on

Her animations also quickly get repetitive and are completely independent of what you’re searching for. You can search for the same phrase twice and it will display different videos of “Ms. Dewey” each time. I found it to be more amusing to see what she does if you don’t perform any searches and just leave her sit there. I think she has about 6 different animations for the “idle state” before they start repeating.

Thanks for the tip Curtiss!

News Source: Digg