MSN Messenger Plus Updated

If you are a current MSN Messenger user then you will love Messenger Plus. It adds a ton of functionality to MSN Messenger, and many features that you would have never thought you needed. Unfortunately, the most recent release is still not compatible with Windows Live Messenger but a compatible version should be released in May.

The only major changes this time is in the sponsor agreement. This software was once very tricky at getting people to install ‘additional software’ with the installation. However, because of rising complaints they have made it easier for users to opt-out of installing the sponsor’s software. They have always given the choice to install the sponsor’s software or not to install it, but when Messenger Plus was originally released they made it much more tricky.

Since you are able to install the software without adware or spyware then I highly recommend that you use this software. Once you grow accustomed to it then you won’t know how you survived without it (a little exaggeration :D ).

Download MSN Messenger Plus