MSN Soapbox has just flipped the switch from a private beta, to a public beta, giving everyone the chance to give it a try.  Soapbox was introduced last September as Microsoft’s version of video sharing. Initial reviewers were reporting that it was a disappointment, and was missing some important elements that other well-known services offer.

With the public beta, no invitation is required, and a sign-in is not needed to view videos. One of the most attractive features for Soapbox is the capability to easily embed videos right into Live Spaces blog entries.  Another attractive feature that has been added since the initial launch of the private beta is the Soapbox and Messenger Integration. It works by clicking the “share” tab under a Soapbox Video, and then you’re given the option to “IM this video.”

Other than the user interface, and the features just mentioned, there’s nothing really too exciting about the service. Not to mention, they’re trying to get into the game a little bit too late. But, if you haven’t dedicated yourself to a Video Service yet, or you use Live Spaces and the video integration would be useful, the beta is now open. Go check it out

Source: The hive