Here we go again.  MSN Soapbox is once again flipping the switch back to a public beta.  It’s been an on again off again process ever since it launched.  In February, they opened up their doors from a private beta to a public beta but quickly reverted back to private in March.  It launched last September as Microsoft’s version of video sharing, and just like every other video sharing site out there, they’ve struggled with the site being littered with copyrighted material.

Once again, it’s open to the public who are welcome to register for an account.  While they were gone, the Soapbox team made major improvements to the user interface, and implemented a safe-guard to help keep the site free from copyrighted material.  Their system was created using technology from Audible Magic which has been in the news a lot lately.  Both MySpace and YouTube announced that they would be implementing the Audible Magic technology to help keep their sites free from the infestation of copyrighted video.




The new look is a major improvement and really makes it a more inviting place to be. Hopefully the Audible Magic technology will live up to it’s reputation and keep MSN Soapbox clean.If you’d like to view videos at Soapbox, no registration is required. However, you will need to sign-in if you want to upload, comment, tag or rate videos.

Welcome back Soapbox. Are you here to stay this time?

Source: (Thanks for the tip Cory!)