MSN Weather maps are now looking a bit more like Vista! Click here to go to the maps. Once you’re there, you’ll notice an image to the right that says “The Wow starts now.” (Pictured to the right) By clicking on that image, the page will be transformed into Weather Maps with a hint of Vista.

Using flash, you can flip through the weather maps just like what you’d do in Windows Vista with the Flip 3D. The image below shows what the maps look like. By hovering your mouse of the text listing the different maps, it will flip through them.  By clicking on a map, it will enlarge so that you can view it.Also on the page is a big add for Windows Vista.  This is clearly a way for Microsoft to market Vista in a more subtle way by giving people a “Vista-like” experience with something simple like the weather.

Source: Live Side

Stepping aside from MSN Weather, LiveSide has posted what is rumored to be a screenshot of the new version of LiveWriter. According to them, it came from the German Live Writer community.  The screenshot is below and definitely has the ‘Windows Live’ look and feel going on.  Microsoft is clearly making an effort to have a consistent look and feel with all of their services.

If you’re wanting to chat about the next release, or get more information, you can visit the Windows Live Writer Group where there’s also chat that the next major release is still several months away. I’m definitely a fan of Live Writer, so I’m anxious to see what will be in-store for the new release!

Source: LiveSide