When you’re out on a search for a wallpaper, regardless of the monitor size or set up, sometimes it’s hard to find a good site that isn’t filed with pop-ups and other advertisements. It is especially difficult if you’ve got a multi-monitor (dual-head), or a high resolution set up. I came across a website that has some good options for those with the multi-monitor set up without the pop-ups. Some of them look pretty cool, and to top it off, there are very few advertisements which makes it an easy viewing site. Two examples are below, and you can find the website here.

Multi-Monitor And High Resolution Wallpaper

Even if you don’t have a multi-monitor setup but you have a high resolution monitor, it can be tricky as well.This website has free high resolution widscreen wallpapers. They even offer wallpapers for the 2560×1600 resolution, the 30 inch monitors (Dell Version, Apple Version) we all wish we had! You can search the website by the most downloaded or recently added. Additionally, if you come across a bunch you like and want to save them, you can create a login and save your favorites to access later. If you’re on a search for a desktop background, both the listed sites are worth checking out.