games on zune One of the features on Microsoft’s Zune that users have praised is the capability to wirelessly sync files and share music. Up until this point, that’s really all that the wireless was used for but now news is starting to unfold that Microsoft will be utilizing the wireless for games. That’s right, games for the Zune.  It looks like Engadget was the first to report that XNA Studio Developers will be able to use the Zune as a multi-player wireless mobile gaming platform. The idea that the Wi-Fi can be used for something other than sharing songs and syncing has already got Zune owners excited, despite the lack of details.

While I was looking for more information, I came across an article over at Windows Now that gives us more insight. Robert McLaws says:

At their GDC ’08 Keynote, Microsoft showed off Zauri, a “top-down shooter” built using XNA Game Studio… running on a Zune 2. Microsoft’s Chris Satchell did the demo, and he said that games would be portable across the Microsoft entertainment ecosystem, “from Windows to Xbox to Zune.”

Here are a few additional details:

  • Local ad-hoc wireless play with up to 8 Zunes
  • User can customize in-game music from selection on the Zune
  • Cross-platform multi-player is not supported  (unfortunately, wouldn’t it be great if someone on their Zune was able to play with someone on the Xbox 360?)

When Microsoft announces more information, we’ll be sure to keep you updated. Sounds neat though, doesn’t it?