The Mac OS X Dock provides a quick way to launch your favorite applications, but one thing I don’t think Apple has completely thought about is how people use different apps depending on the task they’re trying to complete. Spaces, Leopard’s virtual desktop manager, makes it easy to create one desktop for work, another for fun, and so on. That’s great and all, but why can’t you do the same thing with your Dock?

A free app called Dock Spaces will do just that. You can create up to five different Docks that you can switch between right from the Menubar. Or, what’s even better is that you can assign Docks to certain Spaces. For me this provides a fast and easy way to switch between a development workspace, a writing/blogging workspace, and a leisure workspace.

mac dock spaces.png

All of this comes included with the free program, and I could definitely see a feature like this being added to the next version of Mac OS X. Until then Dock Spaces will help me stay productive and clutter-free by optimizing each one of my Spaces.

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