My Dream App

The My Dream App contest has finally come to an end and the 3 winners were revealed. Each of the winners will receive a MacBook and 15% of the royalties that come from the sales of the Mac program after it is developed. Here are the three applications with Atmosphere taking home first place:

  1. Atmosphere – A virtual window to the outdoors for your desktop. View a virtual representation of your area’s weather when too busy to go outside.
  2. Portal – File syncing from the future. Sync folders and documents between Macs effortlessly and watch transfer progress through a cool, highly visual wormhole user interface.
  3. Cookbook – The ultimate cookbook application, with online grocery shopping, thousands of recipes, Leopard voiceover technology integration, shopping list sharing, and more.

What is even more amazing is that Portal received 6122 votes, Cookbook received 6109 votes, and the runner-up Hijack received 6104 votes! Atmosphere had nearly 6600 votes so it wasn’t as close to the others but I couldn’t believe the small difference…especially between 3rd place and the runner-up which was just 5 votes!

If you want to see what the original 24 ideas were then checkout this post that I previously did. It gives the name of the idea along with a brief description. I’m now wondering if any developers will look at the other 21 entries and try to make some Mac software to fulfill the idea? I mean they already know which ideas were the most popular since the number of votes was always made available to the public which is a good starting point.