My Dream App

My Dream App is a creative solution that a company came up with to find out what applications are in high demand for Mac computers. There are several rounds of voting that take place and in this round there were 6 (out of 24) ideas eliminated.

Here are the ideas that were “retired” based on the 8,800 voters:

  • Savant Carde – Takes the Hypercard concept into the 21st century through direct manipulation. Could this be the next big breakthrough in hyperlinked media?
  • Puppet Constructor – Create simple 2D animations with the ease of manipulating puppets. With Puppet Constructor, keyframes are replaced by users manipulating their “puppets” with their mouse.
  • iGotPets – Keep track of your pet’s well-being with iGotPets, and share your pet’s profile through the web.
  • SweepIt – The solution for messy desktops and download folders. Set folders for automatic cleaning based on user set rules.
  • iSightSee – An alternative control method powered by your Mac’s iSight. Control your Mac with hand gestures and movements.
  • Bubble Fish – Bubble Fish is the friend who knows everything, but without the annoyance factor. Ever curious to learn about a word or phrase beyond a dictionary definition? Wikipedia, Google, Flickr and more would be just a control click away.

Here are the ones that are left:

  • Stick-It – A modernized sticky solution that lets people use virtual stickies just as they do in real life.
  • Desktop Wars – A real-time strategy game that brings the battlefield to your desktop with network play, voice commands and more.
  • Herald – A modern update to the newspaper, combining the power of RSS, simple newspaper creation and sharing, and an eye-catching user interface.
  • Atmosphere – A virtual window to the outdoors for your desktop. View a virtual representation of your area’s weather when too busy to go outside.
  • Blossom – A virtual plant that responds to productivity, not sunlight and water. Had a good session in Excel? Your plant will thrive. Play too much Warcraft? Expect some withering.
  • Bookroom – Get back into reading, with Bookroom. Presents e-books in a beautiful interface, and supports annotations and Leopard’s VoiceOver support.
  • Portal – File syncing from the future. Sync folders and documents between Macs effortlessly and watch transfer progress through a cool, highly visual wormhole user interface.
  • Destinations – Plan vacations and trips with ease and tie related photos and notes to locations on the map as an interactive travel album.
  • iGTD – A Mac implementation on the popular “Getting Things Done” productivity system with iCal and Address Book integration, iPod sync, and more.
  • Minerva – A virtual secretary for your Mac. Minerva can automatically process new contacts, aggregate news, remind you of appointments and more, speaking with Leopard’s voiceover.
  • Hijack – A full Cocoa interface for browsing and participating in your favorite discussion forums.
  • Chatboard – The virtual, network-enabled whiteboard that adds real-time shared visuals to group collaborations.
  • Cookbook – The ultimate cookbook application, with online grocery shopping, thousands of recipes, Leopard voiceover technology integration, shopping list sharing, and more.
  • iVlog – Photo Booth for videos, with easy to use video logging (or “vlogging”) support.
  • Telepath – Turns your phone into a Blackberry lite. Push important emails, news items, and more to your phone from your Mac via SMS.
  • Whistler – Ever had the urge to create a song until you realized it was harder than it was worth? With Whistler, just whistle, hum, or tap out your creation into music app importable form.
  • Ground Control – Dashboard done right, with a unified design and modules for your most used apps and important information at your fingertips.
  • iStyleIt – Bring your wardrobe into your iLife with iStyleIt, a virtual closet on your Mac. Pick your clothes with ease, store and rate your favorite outfits, and share them with your friends.

I put together the above list from the information that they provide on the contestants page. From this round it looks like Desktop Wars, iGTD, and Cookbook are the most popular but that may change. You have to remember that people get to vote each round, and if one of their applications don’t make it through then they will probably put their vote on another one. I can’t wait to see how this thing turns out!