If you noticed that my posting was a little light yesterday that was because I finally sat down to create my first WordPress plug-in. It isn’t anything extravagant but it saves me some time and a lot of headache.

Digg Button WordPress Plug-In I cleverly named the plug-in Digg Button because that is exactly what it is. It makes it easy to insert the Digg API code into your WordPress post wherever you would like. You can then style the button using CSS if you choose to.

The plug-in that I made is not like the “Digg This” one which is great for some people. That plug-in automatically recognizes when someone has submitted your story and will display the button on your site. That didn’t work good for me because I didn’t want the button displayed on every post that gets submitted. In my opinion that would add too much clutter to the site.

There was also a WordPress “hack” available to make the Digg API work but it wasn’t compatible for every browser. The Digg button would display fine in Firefox but would show nothing in Internet Explorer. Up until this point if you have never seen the Digg button on this site then you are probably an Internet Explorer user. :D

If you want more details on how the plug-in works go ahead and checkout the homepage I have started for it.