Linksys WRT54GX2 Wireless MIMO Router

I recently upgraded my router to the Linksys WRT54GX2 router and couldn’t love it more. The quality is exactly what you would expect from the industry-leading wireless company. It gave me all the settings that I had to have in order to get my network to function exactly how I wanted. The only feature that I did wish it had would be assigning static IP addresses to computers on the network based upon MAC addresses. This is not a big deal though because the devices that I need the static IP’s for allow me to configure it on the device itself, so I don’t have to do this on the router. Some of the Linksys routers have open source firmware which allow this feature, but this router does not have that option currently and from my reading it might not be possible with these MIMO routers.

The MIMO technology uses the reflections to allow the signal to propagate further. Also, with the increased distance comes an increase in speed. This router will allow up to 6 times the throughput of the standard router.

Another nice feature on this router is the Quality-Of-Service option. With this you will be able to either assign a port or MAC address to use as much bandwidth as needed. This is nice for those who have VoIP for the telephone system. Now you will be able to allow the phone to take as much bandwidth as needed even though you may be downloading a huge file on your computer. This will slow down the download on the computer and will boost your call quality.

I have not found anything that I can’t stand about the router and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking at purchasing the router. I bought it at Best Buy for $130 – 10% – $15 mail-in-rebate. It is about the same price as what you can find it on the Internet.