I think I may be moving away from Google Calendar now that I have gotten my hands on Scrybe! I received my invitation to test out the service this morning which barely met their “October Beta Release” that they had planned. My first impression: simply amazing! I mean that literally, because it is both simple and amazing.

If you missed all of the buzz last week about this service here is what the video demonstration shows that it can do:

Yeah, there was nothing better that I could put together in order to demonstrate the features so I thought I would just show their video. In fact, there are so many features that I am continually watching the video as I use their service just so that I can remember everything it can do.

Scrybe is not your typical AJAX calendar probably because it is not written in AJAX. It is based off of Flash which gives it an incredible feature set. It even has a right-click menu that really feels like a right-click menu with useful options such as PaperSync. You may not be able to synchronize this with your PDA quite yet but the PaperSync is very clever:


There are all kinds of really useful features hidden throughout the program. It is actually a little overwhelming at first because you want to try everything all at once. I find myself being like a little kid in a candy store. :D

Besides for just offering a calendar, Scrybe also has some other features like a list manager. This is not just a task manager with a few checkboxes like you would expect! You can actually create multiple lists so that you can separate them, like one your grocery shopping, work tasks, personal tasks, and whatever else you feel like.

Also, while you’re using the calendar think intuitively, because they did when they were creating it! For instance, if you see something that you want to delete just click on it and hit the delete key. There are all kinds of little things like that which will take some getting used to.

According to their blog they will be sending out invitations to everyone that signed up over the next few days. They also plan on being out of Beta in the next 6-12 weeks which is a very quick pace, but it is apparent that they are hard workers who are dedicated to making a great product.

My only complaint at this point is that the calendar isn’t resizable. The width of your browser, from what I measured, needs 1133 pixels to be fully viewable without horizontal scrolling which means on my 1200 x 800 laptop I can’t have by bookmarks sidebar open. That is a little frustrating but I hope they will somehow make the window scalable. Or at the very least use the Flash settings to zoom in or zoom out.

Overall, Scrybe is going to set the standards very high for other online/offline calendar and task managing applications but there is no doubt that they will have a successful product!

As of right now you cannot import or export your data but I’m sure that will be a feature they hurry to release. Otherwise users will have to re-enter in all of their data by hand, which is something many people won’t be fond of.