When I went to take a look at My Way, one of my first thoughts was that it looked a lot like the old Yahoo! I looked at it for another minute and realized it was really similar to any search engine but with one major difference…. there are no banners or overwhelming advertisements to get in my way. 


They’ve partnered with some of the major search providers including Google, Ask.com, Yahoo! and LookSmart to form one compact search engine. They separate each search engine’s results into tabs. Talk about making good use out of tabs! My Way’s mission is to provide this service without the overload of advertisements. They compare the Internet as an expressway at rush hour — “slow moving and filled with obstacles, requiring that you navigate through the unwanted and the unexpected,” instead of a superhighway.

Another great feature about My Way is the simple customization. There’s  lots of customization you can do from colors and themes to the content and email set-up. You’re given the option to set up POP accounts so you’re able to send, receive, and compose email right from your “My Way” site. You can also add the My Way speedbar to your web browser so that you’re able to search from anywhere on the web (similar to Google).

Additionally, if you already use Yahoo or MSN, you can import your portfolio, bookmarks, and even email addresses into your new account.  Without the banners, it makes you wonder how they profit? They make money by identifying sponsored listings and text links.  In all of the searches that I made, they are very discrete and marked well.

Above all, the customization (one example shown above) and elimination of adds truly makes this a useful site that is starting to grow on me.  I also think the implementation of tabs is wonderful. Give it a few minutes, play around with it, and I think you’ll probably agree that My Way has started something good here. I’m anxious to see where they’re headed!

Thanks ffextensionguru for the tip!