Yahoo has decided that now is the perfect time to drop the beta tag from My Yahoo! Over the last year or so, users have had the option of using the new My Yahoo with a completely new look, feel, and features. It was still in the “beta” phase which meant that Yahoo was requesting feedback and tweaking things to make it just right. On the My Yahoo! Blog, they made the announcement that they were out of beta, but also announced that they were changing the way they used advertising on the site.

Probably the biggest and most welcomed change is the simple fact that that there are less adds and the ones they do display are less intrusive. They are also providing more custom-designed modules and new Yahoo! modules that will integrate content from some of Yahoo’s other services like Flickr or Movie Showtimes. If you’re new to the new My Yahoo, it may be worth it to take a look at some of the tips they provide for making the most of it. Tips for the new My Yahoo! can be found here. Customization is everywhere which is necessary these days, for a true personalized homepage.

My Yahoo! beta.png

The other last bit of information worth noting is that with the New My Yahoo out of beta, Yahoo is ready to drop support for the original My Yahoo! That means the original version is retiring. This is scheduled to happen on July 14th (Monday). They say, “at that point, access to the original My Yahoo! will no longer be enabled. The new version of My Yahoo! was built for you and similar to our recent advertising change, we will remain committed to improving the product based on your feedback.”