So I just installed the MyBlogLog sidebar widget here and have to say that I really like it. Up until now I have seen it virally spreading its way through some of the blogs that I visit, like TechCrunch, Digital Inspiration, and Read/Write Web which is really what compelled me to try it out. Basically when you visit a site it will show you in the list of recent visitors such as the one that I have in the sidebar. It is actually pretty cool but you have to be a member in order for it to work.

They walk you through the necessary steps so that you can customize and tweak the sidebar widget until your heart is content and then they give you a little snippet of JavaScript code to insert. It is super easy but there is an underlying feature that I didn’t realize it had…stat tracking. When you signup they give you a free 3-day trial to see if you like the “MyBlogLog Pro” which includes the real-time statistics tracking (pictured above). I currently use Google Analytics but that is often delayed several hours and sometimes gets a little screwed up. MyBlogLog stats is very nicely laid out and only costs $3 per month…and I am actually considering doing that. It would be nice to have some real-time stat tracking capabilities.

If you decide to sign-up for MyBlogLog, or are already signed up, make sure to join the CyberNet community. :)