MyBloopIt was more than a year ago when we last wrote about MyBloop, a file sharing site, and we mentioned a way to download music that others upload to the site. They shutdown for awhile because they couldn’t keep up with the hosting needs, and after several months they are back for more.

Since it is a file sharing site you would think that you could download anything from there, but that’s not the case. Music and videos are copyrighted to their owner, so only the person who uploads a song or video can actually download it. Other people can listen or view it though.

So why is MyBloop cool? They host thousands of songs and videos, where a search for Nirvana returns 800+ results, Metallica returns 230+ results, and Green Day returns 660+ results. Many of the songs are duplicates of each other, but the point is that they have a nice selection available. Out of the 175,000 files being hosted you’re bound to find something cool.

Previously it was as easy as changing one thing in the URL to be prompted to download a song from the site, but it’s not quite as easy this time around. I have tried to make it a little simpler by creating a bookmarklet that does most of the hard work, so drag this link into your bookmarks: MyBloop Download

Here’s what you have to do now that you have the bookmarklet stored:

  1. Go to the MyBloop page with the video or song that you want to download, right-click on the "Add Comment" link, and copy the URL to the clipboard:
    MyBloop Download
  2. Click the bookmarklet and enter in the URL that you just copied:
    MyBloop Download
  3. A box will automatically popup to download the file. :) You have to run the bookmarklet while viewing the MyBloop site, otherwise they think that someone is hotlinking to a file and they don’t let you download it.
    MyBloop Download

As you can see it is a piece of cake to download songs or videos from the vast selection that users have uploaded, but I’m sure MyBloop will be catching on sooner or later and will change the way their system works. The nice thing with using MyBloop to download the songs is that you can listen to them before you take the time to put them on your PC. So go play around, search for some music, and have a ball downloading!

Oh yeah, and no downloading anything you don’t own! Almost forgot to say that. :)

MyBloop Homepage