It’s truly amazing what kind of art that digital artists are able to create. I’m talking about the sketches and paintings that look like they were drawn by hand or taken with a camera, except they were created using a program like Photoshop or  Microsoft’s Paint.  Earlier this year we showed you some of the best paintings created using solely Microsoft Paint, so today I thought I’d share with you five amazing paintings created in Photoshop. The first three paintings come from an artist named Bert Monroy who considers himself a digital photo-realist artist. His work is so detailed, and so amazing. I’d say his work is the best I’ve seen, but there are others who have created great work as well, so I’ve included two paintings from other artists.

  1. Damen  – a painting of a Chicago scene first unveiled at Photoshop World in March of 2006.  Using Adobe Illustrator to create some of the basic shapes, digital photo artist Bert Monroy using Photoshop to create the rest. The flattened file weights 1.7 Gigabytes and took over 2,000 hours to create.
    bert monroy damen
  2. Lunch in Tiburon – another great painting from Bert Monroy created in Photoshop.
    lunch in tiburon
  3. Oyster Bar- by Bert Monroy. The detail is amazing!
    oyster bar
  4. Daniel Hammonds used only a mouse and Photoshop 6.0 to create “Me and Loui’s Sister” from scratch. He even put together a step by step guide on how he did it.
    me and louies sister
  5. Snow Angel – created in Photoshop 6 with a mouse. (Source)
    snow angel