NES Console

The original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was a monster with its 2KB of RAM, and it rocked out with a 256×240 resolution. It’s hard to believe that such a good system was ever taken off of store shelves, but I guess that’s the lifecycle of technology.

We’re not ready to let go of the memories quite yet even though we no longer having one of the classic NES systems in our possession. For that reason we decided to put together a list of our five favorite NES features and accessories, and maybe it will make some of you to dust off the NES and give it another whirl for the weekend. After you get done reading our list make sure you drop a comment with what things you loved about the system, and whether you still own one!

  1. Power Pad – Who would have ever thought that running in place could be so fun? Sure there are more current games such as Dance Dance Revolution that have a similar accessory, but jumping hurdles has never been the same since the introduction of the Power Pad.
    NES Power Pad
  2. Cleaning the Cartridges – It was always hard to believe how darn dusty those cartridges could get! I remember sitting there for several minutes at a time blowing into the cartridge trying to dislodge any dust particles that were clogging my gaming experience. And now we have CD/DVD discs? How’s the next generation of kids going to learn the meaning of patience?
    NES Cartridge Cleaner
  3. Power Glove – I don’t know how future game consoles never picked up on the Power Glove technology, but I sure miss it. This thing was as close to virtual reality as you could get at the time. If you’ve got a hard time remembering how cool this was checkout the commercial on YouTube.
    NES Power Glove
  4. Light Gun – Several other systems have tried to duplicate this creation, but it was inevitably the Duck Hunt that made it so popular. There’s even a similar rendition in Wii Play, but the better graphics and enhanced gameplay just aren’t a replacement for the legendary Duck Hunt.
    NES Light Gun
  5. NES Advantage – This joystick was large and in charge. I remember setting that thing on my lap and it felt like I had a notebook computer branched across my legs. A combination of the oversized buttons and automatic repeated firing options made this my favorite accessory when playing Contra!
    NES Advantage