There are certain gadgets out there that while they may be considered “geeky,” they’re still cool to be seen with.  Other things, well, you wouldn’t even want to get caught dead with! Today’s MyFive is a list of some of those things you’d want to think twice about buying for the sake of your reputation…

  1. Geekiest Tattoo Ever
    I really hope I don’t have to explain this one – it’s HTML, get it? How many times do you think he has to explain his tattoo to “non-geeky” friends?
  2. LapDome
    From LapDome’s website: “This laptop computer carry case transforms into a sheltered, darkened work environment.  It offers privacy, security, and protection from the elements, but most of all, computer screen visibility outdoors in the daytime.”
  3. USB Eye Massager
    “For the computer operator, who could relax the eye pressure because of long time sitting before the computer.” Just plug it in to your USB port and you’re ready to go! Hmm… you could bring it along on your vacation to use with your LapDome! Ultimate relaxation…
    usb eye massagner
  4. Wi-Fi Detector Shirt
    Yes, it really can detect Wi-Fi hot spots around you and shows a signal each time it detects one. You’ll even know the strength based upon how many bars on the shirt are lit!
    wi-fi shirt 
  5. Driving LED Emoticon
    Place this gadget on the back of your car. It can display five different messages, and you can change them using the wireless remote! You may want to be careful when you decide to use the “Back Off” or “Idiot” message — you could end up dealing with some serious road-raged drivers!
    driving led emoticon