Firefox Microscope Improvement

Almost all of our MyFive articles up until now have been about things that we like, but we also want to use this as a way to discuss improvements to applications, websites, and more. It will kind of be like our Opera article where I wrote about things I would like to see in the browser.

Like many of you I’m a huge fan of the open source Firefox web browser, but there are still some things that I think it can improve on. So today I’m putting Firefox under the microscope!

In my list that I came up with I tried to avoid the more obvious things that can be done by extensions, such as advanced tab management. I also strayed away from mentioning anything that I know will be implemented in Firefox 3. Shall we got on with it?

  1. Bookmark Sorting
    One thing that always irks me with Firefox is its inability to automatically sort my bookmarks. You can always manually sort the bookmarks, but even that can be quite a pain. When sorting by name it doesn’t treat sub-folders any differently than individual bookmarks, that means the folders become intermingled with the other bookmarks instead of being listed before them. I would expect this to work in the same way as a file explorer in an operating system, but it doesn’t.
  2. Toolbar Management
    I would like to have more control over the toolbars without needing to install an extension. I should be able to quickly place the Tab Bar, for example, on the side or along the bottom.
  3. Theme
    Right now there aren’t many browsers that have much visual appeal, and I would say that the two best looking ones are Flock and Internet Explorer. I especially love IE’s transparent effects on Vista, and something like that would be awesome in Firefox. What can I say, I’m a sucker for good eye candy. I also think that Mozilla should include the classic Firefox theme as an option for the same reason that all versions of Windows still contain the classic skin…some people just like things kept simple.
  4. One-Click Private Browsing
    Firefox is making its way onto more and more public computers, and I would like to see a one-click option to get complete privacy. Sure it’s possible to wipe the history clean after you’re done, but maybe I don’t want to lose all of my history and cookies. If I’m paying bills or something it would be nice to disable all of the cookies and caching mechanisms.
  5. No Restarts After Extension/Theme Installation
    Installing extensions and themes in Firefox is a regular occurrence for me, and sometimes it can become a pain having to restart the browser. I’m grateful that with Firefox 2 my tabs will be restored, but when I have dozens of tabs open it can take a minute or so for the browser to become usable after it restarts.

I did leave performance off of the list for a good reason, it’s because I’ve seen massive improvements in Firefox 3. That’s a story worthy of its own article though, and you’ll probably be seeing a write-up about Firefox 3 performance improvements in the next week or two.

So now it’s your turn! Hit us up in the comments with what you would like to see in future versions of Firefox.