With all of the gadgets that you have around the house it may seem impossible to find any that are energy efficient. It’s almost hard to imagine what a house would be like without the constant humming of electronics and the glowing LED’s that light up the rooms at night, but you can give some of that up in favor of energy efficient gadgets!

Below is a list of the top 5 most energy efficient gadgets available (according to us), and all of them are surprisingly priced reasonably.

  1. Lenova ThinkCentre A61e – This is supposed to be a quiet and energy-efficient computer that, if you so desire, can come with a solar panel for powering the machine. The desktop also uses up to 90 percent reusable/recyclable materials as well as 90 percent recyclable packaging! With it a user could save, on average, more than $20 a year in energy costs and the equivalent of the carbon dioxide emissions created by two round-trip plane flights from Boston to New York.
    Lenova ThinkCentre A61e
  2. IntelliPanel – This determines the on and off power level of any desktop computer to automatically switch on power to peripheral equipment (monitors, printers, router, speakers, etc…) only when the desktop computer is switched on and in use. Peripherals will have the power cutoff 5 seconds after the desktop computer has been shutdown.
  3. USB Cell Batteries – One of the reasons most people don’t want to use rechargeable batteries is because of the inconvenient, and often bulky charger that accompanies them. With the USB Cell batteries you don’t have to worry about carrying a charger around because you can use any computer (laptop, desktop, etc…) with a USB port. If you’re like me you probably take your laptop with you on vacations, which provides an excellent way to charge these up!
    USB Cell Batteries
  4. Solar Powered Backpacks – A solar powered backpack is a great way to get some juice on the go. These come with adapters for popular cell phones as well as a way to charge USB devices, like an iPod.
    Solar Powered Backpack
  5. Nintendo Wii – Because of the Wii’s simplistic graphics it doesn’t consume a lot of power relative to other consoles, such as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It only uses about 10% of the electricity that the other systems use!
    Nintendo Wii 

This article was written in part for Blog Action Day.